Monster Truck Loads

I had a monster card making session this week. On my 15 minute days (housework fifteen minutes, play for 15 minutes) I managed to get 12 monster truck cards made. I have so much trouble thinking up boy/ male cards, so I can’t claim that the original idea was mine. Some lovely person on Splitcoast Stampers posted one and I changed it up a bit and ran with the idea.


This one was the prototype, to see if it could be done. And even though it took a lot of patience and cutting, I just loved the way they turned out. Amazing what you can do with a stamp and a bit of inspiration.

Here’s how I did it

I stamped a whole lot of the loads of love truck and coloured and cut them out. I used my watercolour pencils, coloured them in then coloured over them with my blender pens to set the pencil. It makes the colours clearer and the image smoother too. Don’t you just love the flame. My daughter designed that for me. She is such a good drawer!!

Then comes the fiddly bits. I masked and stamped the top of the truck tray to make the bar at the back on to each truck. I then had to extend them to join to the truck with my black journaller. I masked and stamped the same section 10 times on a scrap of whisper white card and then drew on the flags. I also masked and stamped that section 20 more times to make the struts (I think that’s what you call the bits that hold up the wheels, I’m not mechanically minded :-)).

Monstertruck2 Close up of the truck

The wheels were circles drawn around a 10 cent piece and then I masked and stamped the hubs inside them and filled in the missing bits with my journaller. I even stuck in a bit off a plastic bag as a window. (just call me mad!!). The trucks were glued together and then stuck on the cards with dimensionals (boy did I use a lot of those).

Well I got sick of the flames and thought I’d try a different pattern. This one looks a bit like a taxi. Now that’s an idea……


Try one of these for yourself and let me know how you go by emailing me.

OR…..If you would like to order one or some of these cards just email me on They cost $5AU each and I accept direct deposit. Inside simply has Happy Birthday!!


Happy Stamping!!


4 Responses to “Monster Truck Loads”

  1. Leonie Says:

    Allison I love your monster truck cards – what a great idea! Well done and I do think it should be 15 mins housework and 30 mins playtime ;0) … hugz Leonie

  2. ness Says:

    These are just fabulous Alison! What a cute idea for boy cards! You are so clever…….cant’ wait to have another stampin’ session with you soon….

  3. Andrea Says:

    Hi Alison … you are amazing! Always inspiring & creative ideas! I love your monster trucks! We missed you last Wednesday night at Ness’ … hope to catch up next time! Can I add you to my blog roll? Hugs, Andrea

  4. Caroline Cassidy Says:

    WOW these are so cute!! I love them!! Might have to give that idea a go. i have a friend who is always after different BOY cards for the birthday parties her boys go to.

    By the way, there are many people on SOS asking how you dyed your beads for your convention tool decorations!!

    Am loving your blog, another one added to the list! LOL

    Kind Regards

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