Flippin’ Cute Car

Hi again all,

I’ve had a little bit of time to play in the last couple of weeks with it being school holidays. Unfortunately they are nearly over and it will be back to work.

I know my son won’t read this blog so it is safe to put this up here before his birthday. He has recently bought himself a car and needless to say is spending a bit on it to ‘fix it up’. So I thought I would help him out and give him some money for his upcoming birthday. It is just too boring to stick it in a card and envelope. This is how I packaged it!!


How cute is that. I am going to put this in another box to wrap it up. His car is blue, hence the choice of colour.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a stamp that had a car on it, so I found a picture and modified it a little and inserted it into word. The next problem was “how do i reverse the image?” But I discovered that if you right click on the image in word, click on change formation, a dialogue box comes up that has the option of 3D rotation. This neatly flipped the image so I now had the two sides of the box. I printed it out on card. (If anyone knows how to do this easily, without causing the printer to have a fit, please let me know. I have lasers and use the heavy paper setting).

Next I used crystal effects to make the tinted windows, just coloured it all over straight from the bottle. It is important not to squeeze too hard. Then I coloured the rims in silver and the tyres in black journal marker.

I cut a strip of card and measured the length of the card and placed scored either side of that measurement so it was in the middle of the card. Then measured up the sides to the top of the bonnet and boot and scored again. Made a 1cm score line along both edges, snipped to the score line and used sticky strip to adhere it to the inside of both cars. Voila, a car box!!

Happy Stamping



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