Mini Magazine Holder – Metric

blogmarchminimagred2 I have admired these wonderful mini magazine holders for quite a while and have been dying to make them. The trouble was that all the ones I found were in inches and I love to work in centimetres. Also I wanted to make sure that they fit our card stock and the standard envelopes.

So I set about creating my own take on these using metric measurements.

Now this is my first tutorial online, so please let me know if anything is not clear.




2 pieces of card stock one for the base and one for the top

Cutter and scoring blade

Sticky Strip



Stamps, ink and embellishments of your choice


Cut the card that you choose to use as your base to 25 x 17cm

Score around all sides at 6.5cm

If you want to have some stamping on the base, now is the time to do it. The outside of the flaps are what will be seen. The 6.5 x 6.5cm tabs will not need any decorationblogmarchminimag1

Hold the card stock so that the long side of the card is closest to you and cut along the score lines on the long sides of the card up to the first score line. Turn 180 degrees and repeat.

On the outside of the base, place sticky strip along the long edges of the card stock only on the tab part. Parallel to that place sticky strip along the score lines on the tab parts.blogmarchminimag3

On the inside of the base, place sticky strip on the same fold lines, but only on one end of the base put sticky strip on the edges of the tabs. One end will have four strips and one end will only have two.



For the top part of you magazine holder cut your card to 28 x 16.5cm

Place it landscape style in your cutter and score at 12cm. Turn 180 degrees and score again at 12cm

Along the top edge which will be a 28cm edge, mark 2.5cm out from the 12cm score line and make a small mark. Do the same going out the other side from the other 12cm score line.


Along both the 17cm sides of the card measure 6.5cm from the bottom and place a mark.

Place those two marks so that they are in the middle of the cutting track of the cutter and so that the card is diagonal. Cut off the corner of the card. Do the same to the other side of the card.

Now to put it all together.

Remove the backing from the sticky strip from the inside of the base only from the end that has the four pieces of sticky strip.

Fold the top along the score lines and position it inside the score lines on the bottom of the base.


Fold up the sides where we have peeled off the sticky strip and stick to the top making sure the bottom edges are square and the sides are square.

Remove the sticky strip backing from the side with two pieces of sticky strip and fold up around the top piece.


Remove the backing from the sticky strip on the outside edge where the tabs overlap and stick together.


Remove the backing from the three strips of sticky strip on the side of the base and fold up the base side flap. Press al together to get a good bond.


Stick a piece of ribbon (33cm) around the magazine holder to cover the join between the top and the base.


Embellish you magazine holder.


I just love this colour combination and how it goes so well with the little birdie. as you can see it fits the envelopes nicely. I am hoping that I will have some sets of cards ready to place in these mini magazine holders ready to sell at the local church Easter Fair. blogmarchminimagred1

I have made another variation. Red and Blue always look great together!!!







blogmarchminimag3Here is the card that goes with this one.







I hope you have fun playing

Happy Stamping



7 Responses to “Mini Magazine Holder – Metric”

  1. Melinda Wharton Says:

    This is a great tutorial, Alison! So glad I could be of help in your transition from inches to centimeters! I’ll go to my original tutorial and add a link to yours for all the metric stampers out there. But get ready – you will have TONS of visitors!!
    And I just love the stamped leaves on the bottom of the holder you made, along with the cute birdie!
    Best wishes to you!

  2. Leonie Schroder Says:

    this is great Alison … great to see you creating & posting again 🙂 Are you going to convention?

  3. Ness Says:

    This is such a great project Ally…… Mini Mag holders! 🙂 TFSxx

  4. jogry/bali Says:

    Thanks for this excellent tutorial. I will use it as a christmas gift for my friends with some cards.

  5. Inkspirations Colour Challenge #48 « EnchantINK Says:

    […] popped over to Alison Charlton’s blog this morning … and discovered she had done a “metric” tutorial for the cute […]

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