Circle Scissors – How To


I just love playing with my circle scissors. I am able to cut circles and rings and even draw circles. These circles can be any size I choose. it’s a bit hard to tell how it works from the picture in the catalogue so I thought I’d give everyone a heads up on how this thing works.circlescissors1

First I place repositionable glue on the back of the card that I want to cut out. Temporarily stick this to your glass mat. This is so the card won’t move during cutting. Here I have used the two way glue pen or you could use Dotto.

If you are right handed place the circle cutter so that the black cushioned part is on the left. (Do the reverse if you are left handed). You are going to hold the circle cutter here while you cut with the other hand.


circlescissors2Place the circle cutter so that the centre of the image is lined up with the cross in the centre of the top plate of the circle cutter.




Adjust the size of the circle by turning the knob.









Before putting the blade in, give the top plate a spin to check that all of the image you want is going to be within the circle. The dents in the hole that you put the blade in line up with the blade so it shows where the cut will be made.

When you are happy with the position take the cover off the blade (put this in a safe place, it is very small and sooo easy to lose), and place the blade in the cutter.



Gently push down on the blade and guide it around the circle. There is no need to turn your hand because the blade turns itself around as you cut.






This is the finished product.


If you want to make a ring, circlescissors92cut your inside circle first. 







circlescissors91You can see here that I set my circle to 6cm. There is a little arrow on the blade holder so that you can line it up exactly.





Then without moving your circle scissors, adjust the cutter to a larger radius and cut again. You can do this multiple times to create concentric rings. I have moved my blade to about 6.8cm (each mm mark counts for 2mm in diameter).











This is what it looks like when you take off the circle scissors.



This is what I was cutting circles for







And here is where I placed it. I have fallen in love with the mini magazine holder. But that is another post.


I have also created off centre rings by moving my cutter slightly between cuts.

To draw a circle, place a pencil in the pencil guide, place it in the cutter and draw your circle.

I hope this has been of some help.

The circle cutter is available in the Summer Mini Catalogue till the end of March. If you would like one then don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy Stamping



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